Movie Monday (9)

Just a meme I came up with that should help me look forward to posting on Mondays because if there's anything I love more than books, it's movies :)

This weeks topic:

Top 5 Movies of 2018

5. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
I'll admit, I didn't expect much when my brother asked me to go see this one in theaters. I cried and laughed equally. Such a powerful movie. 

4. Black Panther 
Such a blast! This was the 1st major superhero film with a predominantly black cast. Marvel really stepped up their game with BP! I hope there's a sequel in the near future.

3. The Shape of Water
Don't judge me. Loved this film! Yes, it really is about a mute caretaker in a government facility who develops a relationship with an alien/human being held in captivity. I've never rooted for a non-species couple haha!

2. Annihilation
Umm... an all-female team of scientists investigating a strange phenomenon in a Florida swamp? Hell yeah! This movie had plenty of "Go Girl!" moments.... The whole premise of Area X reminded me of the call of duty video games. A tense film that will have you guessing until the last min.

1. A Quiet Place
This movie's about a family living in a futuristic world inhabited by monsters who attack at the slightest sound of any noise. Whoever thought of this premise is a genius! It was utterly fascinating sitting in an already quiet theater and holding your breath... Just wow!

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