Movie Monday (8)

Just a meme I came up with that should help me look forward to posting on Mondays because if there's anything I love more than books, it's movies :)

This weeks topic:
Top 5 Anticipated Movies

#5. Ralph Breaks the Internet -Wreck-It Ralph 2: Loved the first film and very much looking forward to the 2nd. Most definitely taking my nieces.

#4. Robin Hood (2018): Two damn words; Taron Egerton. As a teen (...ok, maybe even in my 20's as well), I had this list of my top 5 celebrities crushes. It's safe to say that Talon blows them all out of the race. I would marry this man in a heartbeat!

#3. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: Any movie with a bit of romance and magic has my vote. Currently our local movie theater is accepting this so called "movie pass" which allows you to watch 3 movies a week for $10/month. You can bet your bottoms I'm going to take advantage of that deal.

#2. Venom: People have commented on the special effects and how awesome it looks, but I'm mostly in it for the spider man universe and for Tom Hardy.

#1.  Halloween (2018): THEE movie I've been looking forward to sometime now is Halloween (eh, the new movie)... BUT I must admit, I'm a coward so I don't want to go alone. More than anything I want to take my little squad with me and assure that I have someone next to me whom I'm able to pinch and hold when the pop-ups occur because I'm sure they are inevitable. Thankfully it comes out this THR

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